About Me

About me? I’m horrible at this sort of thing.

People give me many titles: kid, female, young adult, hipster, etc. All these titles successfully describe me, but I personally like to call myself a filmmaker. Everything about movies or television fascinates me. I love film making so much because I like to tell stories: I start with writing to decide my film’s purpose, I direct down to the finest detail of a scene to see my story come to life, and my cinematography always has distinct reasoning for its appearance. I put thought and care into my projects because I aim to create art that connects with my audience in a very direct form and promotes curiosity or intrigue. Simply put, film is my passion, and I want to communicate with people through art and expression. I also have a dog named Chevy, play drums, and enjoy long walks on the beach.

What do I like to produce? Everything, but mostly comedy.

I can’t take life too seriously. The way I see it, I’ve only got a few years or so on the Earth. I would get pretty damn depressed if I couldn’t laugh. The idea of making someone else’s life a little more enjoyable by brightening his or her day is what gives me a sense of purpose.  Sure, I’ve written and directed dramatic, romantic material (and even a few training videos)–but it’s generally received as comedy anyway. I don’t find it difficult to understand and appreciate dramatic material, just difficult to resist a good laugh.

We laugh when our brain predicts an outcome and is surprised when the opposite or unexpected happens. So, that’s what I try to write and produce: the unexpected, ironic outcomes to our daily interactions and activities. My sense of humor is sarcastic and dry, and my writing is thoughtful. I write screenplays because I enjoy watching my words come to life and seeing people laugh with me.


Your thoughts?

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