What the hell is “WhatsApp”?

Once again, I’ve found myself scrolling through Mashable, looking at all news hip and strange. This week, I found three articles on the apparently extremely popular app, WhatsApp. Personally, I’ve never heard of it; but it sounds like a complete waste of time.

Seriously. What’s the big deal?

WhatsApp is essentially a free texting service. Users can send text, picture, video, and even voice messages to anyone else who uses the app. Basically, it provides the same service YOU’RE ALREADY PAYING FOR when you buy a phone. Sure, maybe not everyone can afford unlimited text, but still. I don’t see why this app is so wildly popular. 

According to Mashable articles and charts and what-not, the average WhatsApp user sends 1,200 messages a month…again, do they know they don’t have to have an app to do that? Seriously, if you’ve bought a smartphone that doesn’t have texting capability, you should probably stop shopping in the children’s toy section of Wal-Mart. 

I digress.

The app itself makes no sense to me; maybe it’s because I’m not a social media mogul like Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook recently bought WhatsApp for a mere $19 billion (I say mere very sarcastically). “WhatsApp is the only widely used app we’ve ever seen that has more engagement and a higher percent of people using it daily than Facebook itself,” said Zuckerberg. Personally, I think Zuckerberg just has some secret, master-mind plan to control all social networking ever. First he tries to buy Snapchat…now this. He’s up to something…


Again, I digress.

There are a few things people are worried about with Facebook’s most recent purchase. First, the folks of Wall Street are wondering what the hell they plan to do with it. Facebook already has the messenger app, so why did they just drop $19 billion dollars on an app that does less than theirs? Experts estimate the purchase could cost Facebook $33 billion in the long-run.

Facebook’s impulse-buy isn’t the only thing that has left the population scratching their heads. WhatsApp founder and CEO, Jan Koum, promised just a month ago that he wouldn’t sell the app.

 “We’re trying to build a company that we can be proud of and not something that is quickly built to pump and dump,” said Koum. Many users are upset with Koum for going back on his word, but who can blame him? Sure, he probably said “We’ll never sell!” when he didn’t know someone was offering $19 billion. That doesn’t seem like a hard decision at all: “Hm…work on a useless app that everyone will soon discover has no purpose, or never work again and sleep on a bed of $100 bills…” I think the right choice is obvious. 


Really, I don’t know why I’m talking about this. 

Despite all the perks of unlimited messaging and all that jazz, I still can’t seem to find the appeal of WhatsApp. Even if unlimited messaging is the primary appeal for someone to download the app, they’ll still use all their data keeping up with other users. WhatsApp is extremely pointless and will eventually become redundant, just like every other “fad” app. 


One thought on “What the hell is “WhatsApp”?”

  1. Actually, I have friends in other countries and its how we txt back and forth, but there is also Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Twitter…So really, its not that useful, definitively not 19 billi worth! Bill Gates even said he wouldn’t spend that much pocket change on the app.

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